DeKai – DESTROY EP out now!

Posted By: Fabio On:

If someone makes a list of Berlin’s most remarkable, iconic and loved dj figures of underground techno scene, then DeKai should be at the top positions of that list, if not at the very top. With residencies at the mightiest club around the techno capital, DeKai never fails to drive the crowds into intense eargasms and auditory ecstasy trips. Besides a fantastic DJ, DeKai is an excellent producer as well as he delivers bombs after bombs. His new 2-tracker EP ‚Destroy“ lands on Berlin’s glorious imprint, Neuhain, featuring 2 original killers (Destroy Alive) and 2 remixes by the very talented Nico Kohler and Laut & Launisch. A package that will undoubtedly destroy every single dancefloor and will contribute on keeping the real techno alive in the history of eternity.


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