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XHEI is an Argentinian Dj-producer that has released his music on Dynamic Reflection, Kapput , AFU , CLR, Unknown Territory, Illegal Alien and among other emblematic techno music labels. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he is a resident DJ in Under Club playing and sharing the booth with other artists such as Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins,Derrick May,Oscar Mulero, Nina Kraviz ,Pacou ,Speedy J , Dave Clarke,Raffaele Attanasio, Dj Emerson, Jeroen Search, Developer, Reeko ,Ricardo Garduno, ÿ(phase), Truncate ,Drumcell,Monoloc,Brian Sanhaji,Kwartz,Christian Wunsh,Pfirter…And others and the ones who are to still to come.

Working hard from seven to seven, Monday to Monday, fervently posed in his black chair made of metal, Juan Pablo is a man indisputably dedicated. To whom you should ask? To a woman. She is black. Made of some sort of chloride. Her inconspicuous function is to copy a soundís waveform. But if you spin her in a very conspicuous motion, with a needle made of diamonds cutting into her; well let´s just say you hear all sorts of things. With an easy smile, he touches each key on his keyboard and says, ëone day, she will be mine¥. This, with the name of his record label written on her. Her name is Vinyl, polyvinyl chloride to be politically correct.

One night in the year of 1995 XHEI was struck by cupid. He saw Vinyl spiraling away her tunes all by herself and so he gingerly walked to her. He let out a slow grasp, and the rest is history. He began to turn her with an agony of a pleasure he himself couldnít stagger away from, and the disdainful control of his hands was the kind of ecstasy she craved for. He stayed with her the whole night. That same night he went home and with instant gratification he said into a low whisper, I am a Disco Junky.

After 18 years in the music scene, he gained knowledge and experience of the local styles and the evolution of the music electronica, in that he created his own outstanding mixes and tracks using fancy minismalistic and original sounds, all thanks to his love forVinyl. Now in 2014, XHEI continues to develop his craze for old school music and the underground culture. He has formed his own label, Crow Recordings, to keep cultivating his place in music world; however, his main purpose is to stop his love from ebbing into a vast sea of forgotten memories. XHEI has the insatiable desire to continue what he has learned, which goes hand in hand with his truest aspiration,Vinyl.

Every person wishes to be eternal, but yet we die at a slow pace. In any given moment some part of us dies, constantly rearranging, reinventing, and reconstructing; and we call it progress. What is music played in Vinyl which one has never felt or heard? That is why one can remember Vinyl forever, and XHEI is the man to keep it that way.


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