Veronique is a DJ-Producer based in Poznan, Poland. Known for her relentless style of Hard Techno, which she demonstrates by driving her engines on3 CDJs.

She is also the proud demon mommy of the renowned label ‚The Meaning Of Rave‘. She was the reigning director behind the first two legal events held in times of pandemic, TheMeaning Of Rave 48h x Las Palace and TMOR CAMP 2021 movie shooting plan and did over 40events under The Meaning Of Rave. Since she was four years old, she has been deeply connec-ted to music and its culture. Six years ago she discovered her true love for hard electronic musicand started rocking the dancefloors in many clubs in Poland, all over Europe and even Colombia,Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru or Russia. Her productions are supported by Somewhen, Dax J, Pau-la Temple or Lee Ann Roberts to name a few. Veronique‘s taste for underground music is verybroad. She possesses a unique ability that combines hard-hitting rave-style drums with schranz,oldschool and industrial sounds topped off with a flare of emotional melodies and vocals. ‚Anabsolute energetic devil on decks‘!

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