Tony Hannya



Tony Hannya is a Techno DJ and producer, born in 1994. His trademark, the Japanese Hannya mask and black cloak, largely conceal his true identity. Since mid-2012, Tony Hannya has been active as a DJ throughout Europe, initially playing Melodic Techno without a mask. The character of Tony Hannya represents the dark side of every person and situates his music in the realm of Dark & Hard Industrial Techno.

His music is easily recognizable: thudding machines, eerie horror synths, and pounding kicks set him apart from the crowd in combination with his appearance. His references range from Croatia through Italy, across Switzerland, up to Berlin. „I do not want to be judged based on who or what I am, or where I come from. The only thing that matters to me is my love for electronic music, which is why I largely hide behind the Hannya mask. It is not about being seen; it is about being heard, because Techno is a universal language.“



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