Abusing synthesizers with a strong influence of progressive experimental melodies, striking basslines and authentic rhythmic components, Stëh transits between strands of acid, rave, minimal,hypinotic, psytechno, hard techno and hard groove, bringing to environments a research thatseeks the interdisciplinarity of various styles without losing the authenticity of each one of them.

Founder of the independent groups Zians (@ziansmusic), which gained notoriety in the localBrazilian scene for being a group composed only of women and Euphoria (@euphoria.collab), amulticultural experience that works in an inclusive way prioritizing social causes, Stëh is Brazilianand currently lives in Lisbon. In addition to having already been to several clubs and parties inBrazil, Portugal, Spain and Poland, she is a music producer and resident dj from the labels Riktus (PT), Elements of Life (USA), Beenoise Rec (IT) and the collectives Chicote (BR) and SundayDisco (BR).

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