There is something magical when seeing MALKEin full flight
behind the decks. Blending in live percussion over his own
extraordinary tracks, he undoubtedly puts together one of the
best shows ever seen on the Hard Techno and Hardcore scene.

Releasing music for over a decade and having a long
relationship with Industrial Strength Records, plus many other
major iconic Hard Techno and Hardcore labels, MALKEis
consistently providing much needed depth to the dance scene.

His tracks always contain juddering drums which slice like a
juggernaut through his complex arrangements and his lively
recorded instruments light up the night like a meteor shower
burning up the sky.

It’s easy to see why he is in hot demand as a DJ as nothing is
left on the field in his pursuit of the perfect set. Performing as
a solo artist and with Hardcore pioneer Lenny Dee at worldrenowned
events across both genres, which is undeniably
unique, MALKEleads the dance-floor to places unknown and
experiences unimagined.

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