GOCKEL is back, stronger than ever.As a child he discovered electronic music and fell in love with Techno and the Club culture in hisyouth. He started djing and producing his own music in 2012, influenced by old House and Tech-no music. In 2014, Gockel founded his own label „Massive Madness“ and in 2017 he introducedthe first Hard Techno and Schranz events in his hometown Regensburg.

Gockel‘s sound is driving and pounding, blending elements of Hard Techno and Schranz. His re-leases on labels like Audiocode and Cause Records gained attention from renowned artists suchas Fernanda Martins, PetDuo & DaxJ. He performed at clubs and festivals across Germany and Europe, including Amsterdam Dance Event, Liberty White, Nature One and Toxicator. For overa decade, he has been a dedicated German Hard Techno and Schranz artist leaving an indelible mark on the scene.

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