Passion, noun, feminine [die], great enthusiasm, strong [enjoyment-oriented] inclination, passion for something that one seeks again and again to acquire, for something one seeks to possess, for a specific activity to which one dedicates oneself.

That sums it up when talking about DeGuzman and his joy in music, happy people and great nights.

Starting with DJing behind the decks in regional clubs, he quickly traveled throughout Germany. What do people appreciate about him? Probably his proximity to the crowd, which is difficult to imitate, and a knack for the moment when it comes to track selection and sensitivity. These factors quickly made him a staple at many major events.

But that wasn‘t enough for him! Own productions were followed by his own label and a series of events called „rough cure„ His genre ranges from hard industrial kicks to colorful trance-like synths to emotional atmosphe- res.

For him there is only the way forward! Being able to do this in pursuit of his passion and making many people happy, even if it‘s just for a night or a moment, is the greatest happiness for him.



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