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SpinnZinn has an entirely unique and hypnotic style and sound, a sound that has aptly manifested the description: “purely elegant techno.”

In April 2017, SpinnZinn relocated to Berlin, joining Richie Hawtin and fellow team members of PLAYdifferently, in the city often refer- red to as the Techno capital of the world.

After calling it home for a decade, SpinnZinn left sunny Miami and its vibrant electronic music scene to indulge in the sensational techno scene of Europe. In the last year, SpinnZinn has earned a resident spot at Hito’s party ’Oto’ at club Ipse in Berlin, in addition to touring the globe playing in Amsterdam, Zagreb, Serbia, New York, Las Vegas and Tokyo, where he joined Hito in Japan for a New Year’s Eve party headlining for ‘Oto’ Osaka. At the 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event, he hosted the kickoff for his live stream show cal- led “SpinnZinn Presents,” which broadcasts and features DJ’s all over the world.

SpinnZinn, Alexander Zinn, (and Zinn to his friends) is the DJ Specialist for both PLAYdifferently’s Model1 and Allen & Heath’s XONE series mixers, two brands that are continually pushing the boundaries of deejaying. Combining his passions for engineering and music, Zinn takes care of both brands, and is involved with the development of new DJ mixers.

Zinn is, however, no stranger to Germany. American-born and raised in Miami, he is a German citizen by paternal descent, and relocated to Frankfurt in 2002 where he attended and finished high school. A true musical hedonist, 13-year-old Zinn bought his first pair of turntables in 2001. Classically trained, he played the piano and violin by 9 years old, and took up the trumpet and euphonium in middle school when he began concert band.

Influenced by his older sister’s taste for the likes of Sublime and Dave Matthews, Zinn picked up some guitar skills in high school. He discovered electronic music at 14; TRANCE. The melodic sounds had him hooked. A few short years later, 2005 had him deejaying at school dances, and by 2006 he was playing at TanzHaus West in Frankfurt.

The year 2007 brought SpinnZinn back to the states to attend The University of Miami, where he graduated in 2013 with a dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering. Zinn wasted no time plunging right into Miami’s active electronic music scene while pursuing his education, and by 2008 he was by broadcasting “Bassment Sessions,” the only FM radio techno show in the city of Miami, on University of Miami’s WVUM 90.5. Local DJ’s were featured on the show, and vibes began to vibe.

In 2009, the legendary Club Space Miami locked down SpinnZinn as a resident in the Techno Loft, where he was opening for techno royalty such as Dubfire and Chris Liebing, and by 2010 he was playing at Ultra Music Festival. UMF Radio had its first live radio bro- adcast in 2016, and is co-hosted by SpinnZinn and Andy Pate of Riotgear. The broadcast is simulcasted live in over 80 countries and 150 different territories.

Miami’s South Beach club, Treehouse, was in need of a sound engineer in 2011 and hired Alexander Zinn. Zinn’s exquisite musical tuning abilities and audio engineering expertise, along with the live venue broadcasts he started doing, literally put the club on the map, and turned it into the underground dance mecca that is enjoyed to this day.

In 2013, Zinn started TYP3 Records with fellow producers Luke Hunter (Miami) and Francesco Cardenas (San Francisco). He linked up with techno icon Richie Hawtin in 2014, joining Hawtin’s Enter. Ibiza team as a recording engineer, then returned in 2015 to Ibiza as a radio show host of Enter. Radio broadcast on Ibiza Global Radio. In 2016, Zinn joined PLAYdifferently and in 2017, Allen & Heath. SpinnZinn has packed dance floors all over the world, at the clubs in Berlin, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Frankfurt, Miami, New York and more. His lengthy set performances at exclusive underground events are captivating to say the very least, and SpinnZinn is one techno artist to watch!


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